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Living the Blank Life

We didn't start making blank clothing because we thought it would make us "cool" (even though it does); we make blank clothing because that's what we like. They're what we wear and what we know best. We're a group of people in sunny Southern California who lead busy lives and don't have time to go shopping for clothes. Can't someone just drop them on our doorsteps every month?

Oh, wait.

We can do that.


We realized that there had to be other people out there like us - parents, workaholics, students, lazy people who want to wear the same thing every day... everyone needs blank clothes.

With that in mind, we set out create the perfect blank wardrobe, and we truly believe that we succeeded.

Subscription is the new black

There's a reason why subscription services are so popular these days. Once we had created the perfect clothes, we knew we had to make buying them as convenient as possible. Our tees come in packs of three, and you'll always have the option to save money by getting them delivered monthly. It's just our little way of saying, "we got you." 

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